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Since I am not some trendfollower on Pinterest, I still rely on the inspiration on Tumblr. Most likely to die a silent death? I don't think so. Read on and find out more about my favourite Tumblrs.

Minimaliste | Mia, 17, Norway
Breathtaking simple, this Minimaliste Tumblr by Mia. Obviously loads of white hues, modern architecture and design but also wild nature. Wide spaces, rough places, beauty lies within simplicity.

Lightning Factory | Zoé Hermsen, 20, Netherlands
Zoé uses her Tumblr moreover as an bundle of inspiration for her blog (similar named). Trends, like the brightness of neons, are translated from images into outfits. Trace the picture and the elaboration of the inspiration on tumblr and blog.

i-love-aestetics | Ivania Carpio, 20, Netherlands
No kidding, you never heard of her? This grey-haired lady runs one of the most influential blogs in the underground scene, Love Aesthetics. Her Tumblr is a reflection of her inspiration. Lots of see-through materials, DIY's, her lovely daughter and outfit pictures. Would love to see her Tumblr grow by adding some special, not-on-blog, material.

Ameille | Probably Ameille as well
A well done mixture of art, architecture, models and fashion is the secret behind Ameille. Futuristic, raw and often black-and-white photography, hints of surrealism and a sniff of rebellion hidden in a perfect lay-out.

SBHB | James Gallagher
Visual inspiration of a man who shares his last name with one of the greater musicians of the early 2000's. His Tumblr is one of my biggest influences in Dadaïsm, surrealism and eh, art-ism. Sometimes a bit obscene, you're a man or you aren't, but mostly brilliant. Geometrics, collages and drawing, come to mama.

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