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EXCLUSIVE | Christopher Lemaire for the Corner

"To mark his debut at, acclaimed French designer Christophe Lemaire came up with the perfect summer wardrobe: a six-piece collection of easy, fresh and versatile garments. Inhabited by ideas of travel and timelessness, these exclusive styles combine exoticism-infused shapes and crisp black and white fabrics. Simplicity as its radical best."

Christopher Lemaire is one of the fresh winds blowing through the fashion industry. His latest fall collection (see for yourself here) was a different take on mens wear, for women. Loads of masculine influences mixted with skinny ribbed essentials and some sneaky sheer materials. Christopher is not the designer who is going to surprise you every new collection, but more the one with the best basics. Basics with a twist. These are six pieces to build your wardrobe with, an alphabet of sartorial forms. Here speaks a big fan of this concept, with a weak spot for the simple wedges and holy blouses, from 180 pounds.

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