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WISHLIST | November

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This saturday, I will finally get to spend some time with my boyfriend. It's like we live in opposite worlds, when I go to bed, he nearly even finished work. When my alarmclock shouts, he just slept in for a couple of hours. That's why I am looking forward to a small trip to our capital city Amsterdam. In the morning, we will take the ferry to the KNSM-island, where the IJhallen are located. Over 400 stands will sell their goods in a gigantic shed. After a little vintage shopping, we'll be heading to the AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, for a sneak peek into the Fashion & Branding study. 5 november is also the Museumnacht. Over 45 different museums will open their doors for music and video installations, DJ's, bars and more. I guess you could say that I'm kind of excited... With this shopping spree in sight, here is my wishlist for november (and the months following).

- Anything with dalmatian print, like this leather jacket I showed you guys before, or nailwrap with little spots.
- A faux fur coat, but I can't decide which one. This ASOS one is pretty, with a creme and black colourblocking effect. I'm looking fur a decadent coat like this since forever, but I'm not too sure if I will wear it that often. The tiny little village I live in won't like it, that's for sure. Blogger Betty rocks it though!
- My closet lacks a LBD, and with the holidays coming, I finally should get one. I've tried this Zara Cape Dress on, but it didn't fit me that great. Extra detail: it was too hot for that petite fitting room. No dress will ever look good on me with a red face above it!
- I'm guilty. I do have a lot of shoes that I don't wear that much. I can see myself wobbling to the bus stop on my highest black heels. Nevertheless, you all know the cliche, I need more. Chunky heels with firm details, like these from Cafe Moda. My sister thought they were a little 'red light district', so I'm not ordering them before I can see them in real-life.
- A black leather skirt or trousers, for the perfect edge to every outfit.
- I've spotted one at Zara's, but prefer this ASOS black fedora.
- FashionNerdic dived into the H&M and came out with this silver hardware. She warns us that its quality isn't that great, but hey, we know that from H&M, don't we? H&M is playing sneaky games with us, fashion addicts...
- The perfect white blouse, with tailored fit. Or just some studs so I can decorate one of my old collars.
- Anyone's still looking for a CĂ©line knock-off? Pink Bullet (never heard of it before) came up with this snake printed one. Did someone find the lammy version? I'm here, pick me!
- Something with sequins, like an oversized clutch (no problem if it's leather though), or minidress.
- I add these Savannah Python boots to the list. This is a pre-order, can't wait to see all the colourcombinations on the website!

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