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1. Cross dressing artists
...was the first thing I read. No you silly mind, it says Crossover artists. An article that is based on the criss cross collaborations between catwalk gurus and digital painters. I only recently discovered the intellectual side of webshop ssense, where some true gems are hidden. I mean, ever used asceticism in a sentence before? 'Crop tops with minus twenty degrees? I prefer some ascetic nunnyness.' I promise that this 5 minute read will teach you some new words. This article is like an art gallery of poetry, including some visual Shakespeares.
Crossover artists: Blurring the boundaries of fashion and fine art by ssense

2. Too many, too bad
I am not born and raised to become a fashion designer, but I'm up for a branding job in that same category. Yes, this article definitely makes smart use of product placement, right at the moment that you, a fashion student, desperately stare at your screen with eyes full of despair because of all the nasty things this woman says about your future. Despite all of this, the question that is raised deserves some attention. Are we producing too many fashion designers? And if we take it one philosophical step further down the line, does fashion actually need you/me/dupree?
Op-Ed | Are we producing too many fashion designers? by Frances Corner

3. Old and fashioned
This article has been published somewhere begin February, so in fashion-terms it is hopelessly dated. But as it has been written by a true industry authority, these words never get old. Nor does comfort, which we still prefer above style. Or was it the other way around? Next to that, Cathy Horyn added some catwalk candy from nearly twenty years ago to prove her point. And for fuck's sake, it looks as if the latest CĂ©line army is coming down the runway. Is Phoebe an old soul in a young body? Point proven!
Sign of the Times | Slave No More by Cathy Horyn

WHY this article?
All this renovation talk can be heavy at some times, so please take a zen-moment and read this hap-snap article in between. The process of rebranding is being influenced by everything I absorb during the day, digital as well as analogue. These articles give new perspectives and are helpful in my personal development. And since the slogan 'sharing is caring' is the most mis-used Internet vomit since the establishment of Nyan Cat, I'll join the craze. Here, I shared this week.

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