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Sell your soul to Berlin, because it has all you've ever wanted. Is houses an art scene as big as two African countries, it sells cheap food, from Bratw├╝rst to beer, and it  has been built up out of concrete. ‘The city is the best context in which to draw together diverse groups and perhaps the best cultural achievement that we can boast of. There is no Tabula Rasa and no White Cube. It is always to be found in different conditions and that is of great interest to me.’ Not everyone would agree on the aesthetics of concrete, but when I saw the living of architect Arno Brandlhuber, I sighed. It is raw, spacious and graphic. It is pure perfection, but so massively different from what's in the magazines today.

I wrote about the amazing concept of Freunde von Freunden before, but once in a while, it has to get more attention. The combination of deep, personal interviews and the unique places across most wanted cities as London and Berlin keeps me coming back for more. Hunting for creative people in their self-proclaimed habitat. Craving for the refreshing view on interior design. Please go.

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