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OUTFIT | 11012012

ph / boyfriend

So, thanks to my education for these photo's! First things first: hereby I claim my non-existing modeling talent. I had a really hard time to take a pose and smile in front of staring people mowing their yards. An assignment for school forced me to take a closer look at my outfit. So here it is.

My coat has become my best buddy during crispy cold winter days. The multiple layers make me turn into walking origami-art. I combined the soft wool with an oversized favourite of mine and spiced it up with neoprene, a coated jeans and sneakers.

grey coat: COS
white leather waiscoat: H&M against aids men's collection
white oversized jacket: Zara
neoprene t-shirt: H&M Trend
burgundy beanie: H&M
sneakers: New Balance

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