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One of the best parts of studying at a Fashion Institute is visiting museums. I was planning on seeing the NIMK, but ended up in the brand new EYE Film Museum across the IJ. Personally, I liked the exterior more than the current exhibition about Stanley Kubrick. It was fascinating though to read about the branding ideas behind A Space Odyssey. Stanley gave forty manufacturers the chance to do some strategic product placement. Vogue did the styling, IBM was responsible for the computertechniques. An interesting take on how to make money with your cult film!

The outside of the EYE is spectacular in every angle. The pattern on the fancy white material, the grey bricks and of course the futuristic shape and special site make the building worth the visit. Especially if you can drink a cappuccino and enjoy the brilliant view on Amsterdam across the water!

EYE Film Institute
IJpromenade 1 Amsterdam

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