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SELECTION | 4 DIY's worth the work

The veiled beanie | Jill Sander
You know it's a hit when Anna Della Russo, Bryan Boy and a handful of popular models run through Paris wearing your design. The veiled beanie by Jill Sander is from spring this year, but I prefer wearing it as a classy winter's hat. Adds some street to your dress, and some class to your jeans. Honestly... WTF did the greatest job translating the catwalk to a DIY.

The paper bag | Jill Sander 
No way... Again? Jill Sander made another direct hit, the paper bag. Err, the design is actually a couple of centuries old, but he renewed it in his Fall 2012 collection. Just stamp your initials on one of these grocery bags or try to make one in the softes leather, as shown. Monoxious created a perfect DIY with waterproof cardboard (is that even possible?).

The flower crown | Unknown 
The delightful vibe of hippyness, happiness and a touch of festival makes the floral crown such a success. And of course, the easiness to make one yourself helps as well. These crowns are well known in Scandinavia, where they are used during big festivities and weddings. Just try wearing a garden on top of your head, you won't regret it! Honestly... WTF nailed it again and made a simple DIY for the midsummer flower crown.
Transparent clutch | Samira Boon and others
Oh, I bet you saw this one everywhere. From the master of simplicity Pedro to the discoverer of Samira Boon, Ivania Carpio. Monoxious found out that these clear clutches aren't that hard to make, just find yourself a piece of seethrough vinyl, cut a cross and fold the flaps. Sounds easy? I am still busy with the first step, finding that 1mm vinyl... Anyway, the results are stunning, so worth a try.

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