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Oh well, welcome back. I spent the last three weeks in an oldtimer Mercedes with my boyfriend, crossing the countryside of France from deserted beaches to tiny idyllic villages, from blue flowing streams to the capital of love, light and fashion: Paris. Besides a slight tan and a peacefulness I have been missing for a while, I also found renewed inspiration for FreshFix.

Good news on the other hand: by passing my economy test, I am proud to be an official fashion student at AMFI from now on. I am working on an apartment nearby Amsterdam, preparing for all changes yet to come and finishing the enormous amount of paperwork that comes with studying. Although these weeks could be the busiest ever, here I am full of passion and excitement. Bring it on!

Jeff | Sunglasses Ray-Ban | White shirt Polo Ralph Lauren
Me | Sunglasses H&M | Necklace H&M old collection | Grey T-shirt Monki

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