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One thing about holidays is that you are unable to check whatever blog you like, but that is also a plus. By skipping a month of precious blogposts, its almost like a present when you get home. A selection of four outfits who topped my July.

1. Iina K. from Pure Love
In need for instant glamour? Put some cateyes on and add some spice to your wardrobe. Iina wears her white blouse with some dark blue silk shorts, topped it of with a pair of vulnerable white sandals and ready to go! I like the boxy shape of her blouse and the navy blue, one of my favourites for this fall.

2. Maria van Nguen from Vanillascented
This lady is no surprise in my Toplooks-list. But, extra special this time, she made her outfit by herself. The stiff white coat is her latest design, and it fits somewhere between cool ninja's and judo sportswear. I am impressed by the amount of tailoring, the choice of material and the fit.

3. Marie from Blame it On Fashion
I still have got to experiment with baseball jackets, but I can rely on inspiration from Marie. She pulls it off, quite flattering actually, with a knotted skirt and simple basics. I long for her Dannijo necklace and that pair of sandals fit my closet perfectly as well.

4. Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics
Ivania never fails to impress me. This geometry-inspired playsuit is wonderful in its simplicity. The pastel-grey combination is fascinating, like the blue nailpolish (and Ivania's haircolour) in this case. More details of those folded pockets please!

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