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WANT | From the old, dusty archive

Shirt | Akris
Necklace | Sou Bretton
Shoes | Camilla Skovgaard

I just came across an old picture in my Downloads-folder that is likely to burst one of these days. I am not sure if my screen will hold the amount of aesthetically approved outfits and items that have been wandering through my computer. So, from the old vaults from my MacBook, I show you a little FreshFix-archive jewel: this small collage from Three simple pieces, combined in one perfect outfit. The white drapery thing is in the middle of a blouse and a kimono, the choker is brilliant and adds that bit of colour, and the shoes, well, those are the only ones I had to replace with these Camilla Skovgaard loves. Maybe spice things up with quilted leather shorts, but know that time cannot replace style.

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