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I do not think that the off-day needs much explanation because it is such a common phenomena. Today just had to be one. Started with heavy grey clouds along my mind and sky and a lack of, well, pretty much everything. Troubled thoughts, loaded problems. Today started as nothing and it ended up to be a discovery, moreover musically. As Pete Murray can express so precisely: "Dream yourself along another day, never miss opportunity. Don't be scared of what you cannot see, your only fear is possibility." I needed that little boost, a sunshine that reflects in the screen of my MacBook, the power of going on and going strong. I just saw the documentary about The Dark Side of The Moon, the best known album of Pink Floyd ever. It is brilliant to see how fifteen-minute lasting bombastic songs started with three chords and the psychedelic musical minds of those men. Real people with real passion, that is my inspiration for today.

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