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Angelica Blick |
Angelica is probably not the freshest find of this list, but certainly here to stay. Her casual attitude, loose hair and brilliant sunglasses are key-items of every look. This girl got it. Angelica's style is often maritime, with big blue coats and off-white knits, other times more boyish, styled with cool leather jackets and checked blouses. An allrounder in fashion, that's for sure!
Arizka Sehoko | Devil in the Detail
'The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.' And that is what Arizka Sehoko does. Feminine, sophisticated looks topped off with a scent of boyish cool. Loads of bright colours, awkward lengths, high heels and a sniff of grunge.
Iina | Pure Love
The girl next door who prefers cheap above designer, neutrals above brights and boots above sandals. With a love for oversized sweaters, I absolutely share the nevermind-attitude Iina spreads. We also have several H&M items in common, and I like to see how she combines them. Besides that, who wouldn't fall for her Weekday booties?
Marcella | Fashion Distraction
Marcella likes to wear things a bit upstyle, in contradiction with the blogs above. The details in her outfits are always unique and outstanding, styled from head to toe. The influences of the citylife are noticeable in every item, from florals to studs and giant sunglasses. And yes, this girl likes them short (but chic).
Charlie May | Girl a la Mode
I might be wrong, but I guess Charlie May could be the shy one of these five. Her pictures emit a certain inconvenience. Always smiling, but not with the confidence you see in the blogosphere. Maybe that is the reason I like Charlie May most. Her outfits are clean and simple with loads of whites and neutrals - perfect for spring!

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