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Opening Ceremony equals constant innovation, hip and happening labels and an effortless cool style. While New York Fashion Week is the subject of every conversation you hear along the mass of people, Opening Ceremony is the place to be when the runways are empty and abandoned. A perfect mix. Just a few days ago, the store launched a citytrip OC-way, with the best spots in town to eat, drink and get caffeinated.

Before we they you through the city's centre, you should need to know more a bit more about Opening Ceremony. It all started when friends Humerto Leon and Carol Lim went on an adventurous trip to Hong Kong. The only way to combine all their hobbies is opening a shop. They call it Opening Ceremony, with a fat wink to their other obsession: the Olympic Games. The concept is simple: every season, a different country should compete against local, American designers, like a sports game. The store is filled with recent discoveries Cheap Monday and Acne, collaborations with Chloë Sevigny and up-and-coming designers as Alexander Wang and Proenza Shouler. As a visitor or victim of New York Fashion Week, you cannot leave the city without visiting Opening Ceremony at 35 Howard Street.

Ninth Street Espresso - Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave)
We know, Chealsea Market––a little too obvious. But having some of the city's best coffee just footsteps away from the heart of the action is so great.

La Taza de Oro - 96 8th Ave (betw 14th + 15th St)
A $2 cappuccino in a land where they're almost double? We couldn't believe it either. No skim or soy in this Puerto Rican eatery with a Caribbean diner feel––only regular milk.

Think Coffee - 73 8th Ave (betw 13th and 14th St)
Think's newest location to open. If an affable barista dutifully insists on topping your capp' with a perfect design, chances are his name is Ben, and he is a true artist.

Stone Street Coffee Company - 132 9th Ave (betw 18th + 19th St)
Relatively new to the neighborhood (open since July 2011), this new Gowanus coffee roaster is set on challenging the likes of Stumptown for the coffee-roasting crown.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza - (10th ave at 17th)
They offer both pies and pizza by the slice with dangerously delicious toppings––like artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, Mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano cheese on the Artichoke pizza; and olive oil, plum tomato, and fresh basil on the Margherita.

Co ba - 118 9th Ave betwn 17th + 18th St)
Granted, these aren't your Chinatown bahn-mi sandwich prices. However, your lunch total will hover around $7.50, and for an extra two bucks, you can choose between a soup of the day or mixed salad with sesame soy dressing to accompany your meal. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it's a neighborhood favorite of OC HQ's Bettina. (Peep her post on it HERE.)

Westville (246 W 18th St betwn 7th + 8th Ave)
A no-brainer for healthy, simple yet delicious food. Among the lunch specials you'll find $5 soups, but we particularly love their Market Sides deal. Choose from sides like sautéed kale with shallots or lemon-grilled asparagus with parmesan, and get one for $5 or five for $14.

Bill's Bar & Burger - 22 9th Ave (at 13th St)
The spot for a mouth-watering burger that's got the food blogs raving. Guaranteed to keep you fueled through multiple fashion shows and parties.

Paradise Café -139 8th Ave (between 16th St & 17th)
Made with a base of apple cider, soy milk, orange juice, water, or regular milk, these fresh and nutritious make-your-own fruit smoothies are 100% natural and don't contain any of those icky syrups. The small size (18 oz.) comes out to just under $5, while the bigger one (24 oz.) is $5.99.

Empire Cake - 112 8th Ave (betw 15th + 16th)
Just outside the A,C,E subway stop at 16th St., this bakery is a convenient spot to grab coffee, a big cookie ($3), or precious-looking iced desserts.

City Cakes - 251 W 18th St.
Walking into this tiny bakery tucked under 18th St. makes you feel like you've discovered a heavenly, batter-scented secret. We kinda fell for the salted carmel cupcake with caramel buttercream frosting.

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