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Dear readers. I apologize for the quick posts lately. It was yesterday's evening, a table full of papers, a printer spitting out images as quick as 1300 a minute and caffeine. My application for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute had to reach Amsterdam before the 8th of January. The last days were crazy, I spent hours behind my computer screen to come up with the perfect sentences, the best layering in my digital photoshop document, the best matching photo with the questionnaire. All of this has come to an end, so you can look out for 'real' posts again! Let's start off this year good with a breathtaking editorial from the hand of Ville Varumo. Mysterious and dark, but gracious. The uncomfortable yoga-positions the model has to take look flawlessly and the light looks astonishing. As part of an experiment I want to try this year, I will guess stories behind photographs. Quite a challenge.

Sunday evening, around nine. In the commercial break during the footballmatch between Manchester and some Russian team team, I gaze volatile though the curtains. "No shitholes in my garden, no rabble on the corner." My eye falls on a beam across the street. In the light of a lamp post, a young woman dances. Alone. Gracious ballet-sort of movings, slowly but determined. I silently open the window, but cannot hear any melody. With her eyes firmly fixed, she has lost all touch with the dark neighborhood she chose to show her dancing. It is a silent show, with almost no visitors. After nine minutes tight movings, it is over. The classical music that accompanied her dancing in my head stops abruptly. The woman finishes with a bow, deep and long. She disappears into the cold and misty night, leaving her unexpected visitor in a state of bewildering. It is 2-0 for the Russians.

Model | Ellu Arula for Top Models
Photography | Ville Varumo
Hair and Makeup | Marii Sadrak
Styling | Sakke Hytonen
END | The Ones To Watch

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