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Tasha is the classic example of model turned musician. With FoxXglove,Tasha produces something in the style of The Kills or The Dead Weather. Dark, heavy distorted guitars and a simple female voice. You could call it dark indie, or cultrock. Tasha has more specialties. She cut her hair short, got a sceptum and pierced other bodyparts and got tattoos. You must have noticed them, they are real and not put on for this shoot. She has twenty or thirty tattoos like that, she says. Most of them are inspired by prisoners tat's, and all of them are set without the use of a professional inkmachine. Au.. 'I needed to express the freedom of my own body,” Tasha explains. “I didn’t want to be a blank canvas for somebody else. I wanted to own myself and to say, ‘This is me. If you want me, fine.' Tasha is actually not such a classic example of model turned musician. It is more a model turned mad-story. But in the end, it fits her better than most of us and she is now an absolute one-of-a-kind.

Model | Tasha Tilberg
Photographer | Derek Kettela
Styling | Isabel Moralejo
Clothing | Stella McCartney, Alexanders Wang, Max Mara, Miu Miu
For | El Pais' S Moda Magazine
Planeta Blanco – Tasha Tilberg is white hot in this recent shoot for El Pais’ S Moda Magazine. Photographed by Derek Kettela with styling by Isabel Moralejo, Tasha shows off her many tattoos and cropped haircut in the designs of Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Max Mara, Miu Miu and others.

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