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TOP LOOKS | November

1 Morven via Cats and Rocking Chairs
Morven wears a wonderful palette of typical autumnish colours like burgundy red and gold. She turns a dull sweater in instant awesomeness by adding a few accessories. It's too bad you can't get a glance of her shoes, of course matching with her hat. The outfit is in complete balance because of the overflow on the top and the simple materials on the bottom.

2 Aida Domenech A. via Dulceida
What an attitude! I'm still on my hunt for a sequince-dipped jacket like this one. Hers is from Zara and worth eighty bucks. Aida dressed it down with bearable visible levi's shorts and a simple tucked in blouse. What I like most about this girl is that she is more than a just a girl, she is a woman. She measures quite a normal size, instead of the thin shelves in the magazines. I like them on pictures, but not as role models. Hooray for Aida!

Zina blogs from Barcelona. And if that isn't breathtaking enough, she also owns one of the best clothing collections I know. It contains loads of Zara-investments, but also some more expensive items. Zina doesn't stay away from voluptuous fake fur coats and graphic prints. She looks like she could get snapped by the Sartorialist every single moment.

4 Vanessa Hong via The Haute Pursuit
Vanessa embodies class for me. A green sweater with ombre-effect, but certainly most of the time in black and white, she is always welldressed. Her laidback hair and bronzed glance fit this sheep perfectly. Her cuffs are great, symmetry interests me a lot lately. So is the history of this sheep, ha-ha.

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